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Health Tech | Balancd App

Empowering users online Learning Experience through Designing Social Feed

User Research | Synthesis | Design & Prototype


✅ Achieved 1000+ downloads✅ Maintained the ratings 4.5/5 in App Store✅ Maintained the ratings 4.75/5 in Google Play Store


Balancd App offers KungFu programs for people who want to improve their balance in the body and mind.The app aims to facilitate people's KungFu learning experience with easy-to-follow programs.Under the COVID-19, many social and physical events are forbidden. Yet, people are waiting social interaction and the demand is burgeoning. Seeing the opportunity in online platforms that people are more comfortable and familiar with online tools, our team would like to escalate people's learning experience with social elements.


I conducted the new feature design together with the product owner, also oversaw and managed the app development with the IT team to make sure keep track with the product development schedule.I have focused working on the:👉🏻 In-depth User Research
👉🏻 Problem Solving & Design Ideation
👉🏻 Wireframe & Prototype
👉🏻 Communication with the IT team

The process ↓

User Research

To enhance the user experience of the app, I have interviewed some KungFu students and some current users of the app (for around 20 people) to investigate their needs and painpoints.The target audience can be categorised into 3 groups as follow:

Target aUDIENCE SummarY

  • The primary users would be the Middle Aged

  • 2 key motivations for them to practise **(1) Peer influence (2) Self Accomplishment **

  • The technology proficiency of the primary users are not advanced

dEFINE Objectives

Improve overall UX/UI design by:👉🏻Understanding the users' needs through getting user feedback.
👉🏻 Ideating new design that could facilitate user’s learning experience.


👉🏻 The design need to be simple as the target audience (middle-aged) are relatively insensitive to technology👉🏻Limited changes on the UI and some of the UX elements as of the existing of the app and restrictions on tech development


After several user research, it can be discovered that the target audience share some common obstacles during their KungFu practise experience. I've come up with the solution - Building a social platform to enhance the user's learning experience and the in-app interaction.

Ideation for the Social Platform

To understand the online social behaviour of the users, I conducted a depth interviews with 5 current app users who they also represent our 3 groups of target audience respectively (User Research↑)

Different UI were showed to 10+ users for the usability tests, and to test whether💭They understand all the icons and buttons
💭They can proceed to most of the functions without frustrations
💭 The UI is on brand that to deliver the calm and lifestyle feeling

Final Product ↓

Site Map

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